Business Formation

The best time to select a business attorney is before starting a new business. Benjamin Law Offices has guided numerous clients through the process of starting up a new business. Our attorneys advise clients on whether to form an association, partnership, limited liability company, corporation or other special entity. Once the decision is made, our attorneys will prepare the documents necessary to create the entity, arrange for the filings and ensure that additional steps are taken to complete the formation of the new entity. Our attorneys will draft additional agreements desired by our clients such as shareholder buy-sell agreements, corporate officer indemnity agreements, incentive stock, stock bonus or phantom stock agreements.

Business Counseling and Transactions

It is our goal to keep our clients out of court and we have a long history of avoiding administrative and court claims by delivering timely, accurate and savvy business law advice to our business clients. We do our level best to ensure that our business clients act consistent with current business laws when they make decisions to enter into, modify or terminate contracts or resolve how to comply with industry or occupational laws and regulations.

Benjamin Law Offices regularly negotiates, drafts, edits and revises a wide variety of business contracts, such as intellectual property licenses, website terms and conditions of use, service contracts, construction subcontracts, real property leases, independent contractor agreements and, frankly, whatever might come up in the normal course of a business.

Benjamin Law Offices regularly assists clients with financing, business and financial restructuring and other debtor/creditor issues. Our attorneys also assist clients who wish to dissolve their business with winding up the entity’s business and taking the appropriate steps to dissolve the entity.

Benjamin Law Offices regularly represents clients interested in buying or selling a business with all phases of the business purchase or sale. Our attorneys participate in pre-closing due diligence and research regarding businesses targeted for purchase or sale, negotiate terms and conditions of business purchase, whether an asset purchase, equity purchase or merger/reorganization, and handle the entire transaction through the closing. Our attorneys are experienced with regulated sales, such as sales of businesses with liquor licenses.


“There are many legal considerations in starting a business.  Although we are aware that there are numerous do-it-yourself websites for commencing a business, we strongly recommend hiring counsel such as Benjamin Law Offices so that your business is set up correctly and you avoid potentially costly litigation in the future.  We serve as outside general counsel to small and mid-size businesses to advise regarding startup, compliance, transactions and litigation.  It’s a good investment in your business.”


Business Litigation

Benjamin Law Offices represents clients involved in business and commercial litigation.  The types of cases we handle include breach of contract, alleged violations of statutes and regulations, and related tort claims.  Typical claims include trade secrets infringement, unfair competition, interference with prospective economic advantage, breach of contract, breach of commercial real property lease, breach of franchise agreement, fraud, securities fraud, and shareholder rights claims.  We represent debtors and creditors in litigation related to debtor/creditor and commercial law issues.  Our attorneys have experience with some unusual claims alleging violations of the Perishable Agricultural Commodities Act, illegal interception of cable or satellite signals, and damage to computer data.

Our attorneys’ breadth of experience enables us to carefully analyze each case and devise quality, cost-effective litigation strategies tailored to each case.